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Taylor Swift

December, 13th 1989 Local Time 5:17 AM Universal Time 10:17 AM

Reading, PA 40°20'N, 75°56'W

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Taylor Swift

December, 13th 1989 Local Time 5:17 AM Universal Time 10:17 AM

Reading, PA 40°20'N, 75°56'W

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Time Traveler

Exploring Past Lives with Astrology

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

Why You Are Like You Are

Time Traveler doesn't pretend to categorically identify exactly who or what you were in another life, or place you in a particular period in history.

There is no astrological method for determining that, and it can only really be done by accessing deep memory through dreams, spontaneous recall or creative expression, or some form of hypnotic regression.

What Time Traveler does do is provide clues and examples, possible lives, characters, scenarios and dramas, that like the wind whipping up the surface of the sea, can have the effect of stirring memories of your oceanic depths.

This has the effect of giving you a more profound sense of yourself, not least if all because it provides the underlying reasons for why you are like you are, and why your present life is like it is. In other words it describes your Karma.

Karma is simply the Law of Cause and Effect, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And it is a statistical fact that karma is actually the most widely accepted explanation for the state of anything or anyone living on this planet. But karma is often confused with fatalism; that you are what you are as a result of what went before and there's nothing you can do about it.

And this can then become labelled as a 'copping out'. But a true student of karma knows that this could not be farther from the truth, for by determining and taking responsibility for what you did or didn't do before in previous lives, you can learn more about yourself and how you work, and therefore correct any negative current attitudes.

This in turn positively alters your behavior, causing you to make better decisions, and ultimately changes your life itself - for the better!

Time Traveler will suggest ways in which you can do this. Otherwise, as George Santayana put it "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

You will see that Time Traveler reveals and describes the more dramatic previous lives for the simple reason that these are the ones that are the strongest causes and so will have the strongest effects.

A life where for example you died in the thick of battle with loved ones left unsupported at home will leave a far greater impression on you than a life that was whiled away doing little of any note, with nothing much happening.

Also be aware that as an eternal soul your lifetimes make up an endless and continuing story. Consequently what is happening in this life is a continuation of what went on before, and what went on before that, etc., etc. In other words, often what is described as a possible previous life can be very similar to the one you are living now!

In this way Time Traveler gives you a great sense of your history as an individual soul, and therefore of a great story in the telling.

You will also recognize how there can be a swinging back and forth from one extreme to another; for example, from 'perpetrator' in one life to 'victim' in the next, to 'perpetrator' again; or from 'loner' to 'social animal' and back again, and so on and so on, until the pattern is recognized and corrected, a balance created, taking you on to a higher level altogether.

Likewise, two apparently very different lifetime descriptions simply originate from two distinctly different lifetimes or periods within one lifetime.

Bear in mind that any of the characters or situations given as possible examples in your previous lifetimes may just as easily refer to someone with whom you spent time rather than to you yourself.

Finally Time Traveler, for the sake of simplicity, does not include every astrological indication of what previous lives you had and how they affect you in this present one.

Most notably, the issue of how one's state of physical being and health can be karmic - that is, the result of events and lifestyles of previous incarnations - is only very occasionally touched upon, if at all.

Furthermore, note that your present life and personality, as well as being a product of your previous ones as described in Time Traveler, is a reaction to the body and historical era and culture it finds itself in.

Jot and Jog
To help jog your deep memory it is a good idea to spontaneously jot down any thoughts or feelings, and any notions or ideas of previous existence, that come to mind as you read each chapter and section of Time Traveler.

To do this you need to either print and read as hard copy, and jot notes by hand - or alternatively you can read from the screen and make notes on Notepad or some such application. As you do this it is quite likely that patterns, themes or plots will emerge, so jot these down as and when they occur to you.

Also note how sometimes a particular past life scenario, trait or possibility may be repeated with similar wording, laying great emphasis upon it, indicating its greater influence and significance. In the process of jotting and jogging you will be surprised how your deep memory gets activated, and how you build up a picture of who and what you were.

What you make of what you were is what you make of what you are and what you make of what you are is what you are going to be

Time Traveler Contents
Chapter One - Your Karmic Trend
Chapter Two - Your Last Life
Chapter Three - Your Recent and Distant Lives
Chapter Four - Your Deep Memory Sources
Chapter Five - Your Far-Distant Lives
Chapter Six - Bound for Glory

Possible Past Lives:

Against this sub-heading are given examples of potential past life scenarios and characters for nearly all of the astrological indications used in Time Traveler. In no way are any or all of these examples stating categorically that such scenarios or characters do or did actually apply to you.

Possible Past Lives: Against this sub-heading are given examples of potential past life scenarios and characters for nearly all of the astrological indications used in Time Traveler. In no way are any or all of these examples stating categorically that such scenarios or characters do or did actually apply to you.

Chapter One - Your Karmic Trend - What's OUT and What's IN

The Lunar Nodes - Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail

The two Nodes of the Moon - the South Node and the North Node - represent respectively, what you were, and, what you are becoming.

Physically, the Nodes are where the Moon intersects the ecliptic (the plane of the path of the Sun) in a Southerly direction, and directly opposite, in a Northerly direction.

The Southern Node, which is also called the Dragon's Tail, can be likened to where you came from, the conditions and traits that comprised your previous life or lives and which have become ingrained in your personality, for good or ill.

Another way of understanding this is to see your soul as a boat voyaging through the seas of time.

The Dragon's Tail is the stern of that boat, with its wash forever leaving behind where you have been and who you were.

As a Karmic Trend it is OUT. However, in effect you can never let go of it entirely as it is the stern of a boat that lends stability and enables one to steer.

Furthermore, it is also your store of talents and abilities born of both positive and negative experiences, so be sure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater! The Northern Node, which is also called the Dragon's Head, can be likened to the conditions and traits that comprise the furrow you are advised, or rather obliged, to plough in this life.

The Dragon's Head is like the prow of your little soul boat, pushing against the water, making headway and progress, creating and discovering new capabilities, while leaving the past with its bad habits and inappropriate attitudes progressively behind - but naturally encountering some resistance.

As a Karmic Trend it is IN, which means to say it leads towards your DESTINY, that being the direction in which your life fundamentally wants to go according to some program deep within your psyche.

Following your destiny optimizes the flow of events in your life as it helps you avoid going down blind alleys and false trails, even though sometimes doing so may be a necessary part of your destiny.

Also, sometimes you may see contradictions where something is IN as well as OUT, but this would mean that in this present lifetime a quality of personality which is OUT is still particularly important and valuable, or needs working out and cleaning up before you can steam ahead towards your destiny.

Karmic Trend OUT: Abusing Privilege, being too Exclusive or Autocratic, Showing-off & Self-Indulgent

South Node in Leo

Dragon's Tail in Leo

The trail behind you, your memories of how life used to be and had to be for the sake of security and comfort, was characterized by being the center of attention, in a position or privilege, in command, or someone who was creative in their own right. This has instilled in your soul an expectation of acclaim and recognition of your specialness.

It has also left you the feeling that you can do just as the whim takes you - so taking chances and having romantic or sexual adventures are your assumed right.

In fact, 'divine right' could be a phrase that describes this past life quality for you may well have actually been royalty or involved with royalty in some way.

Such a sense of self-importance is naturally a helpful thing to possess up to a point, because it means that you enter into things now with the assumption that they are yours for the asking or making.

Being so able to follow your fancy, and consequently being impervious to criticism, could also have meant easily indulging your flights of imagination by giving them artistic form, something which could have been quite notable or just an expression of said indulgence.

But the creative streak would very likely still be present in you now.

Seeing that all this is quite extreme, there has likely to have been equally extreme reactions to such pride of place that you enjoyed.

The point being that there maybe came a time when you fell from grace, were torn down by the 'common herd' or 'ordinary individual'.

So how all this comes through to you now in the present life can depend greatly on other influences, especially planetary Aspects to your Lunar Nodes as described below, but especially to the position of your Dragon's Head in Aquarius, also described below, which is in fact that reaction to or compensation for your then privileged position, for Aquarius is the Sign of the 'Common Man' or ordinary person.

Quite simply, your Karmic Trend is one of having to find out how the 'other half' live - probably by finding yourself as a member or in the midst of that section of society.

For this reason there may be a seemingly unaccountable sense that you deserve better than what you were born or precipitated into. Alternatively, or additionally, it may come to you scorning anyone with an apparent sense of self-importance.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Royalty or member of the nobility.
  • A ruler or commander of people.
  • Someone who was able to surrender wholly to their emotional or sexual appetites.
  • A good monarch or a tyrant.
  • A life 'at court' with all the intrigues and advantages, responsibilities and liabilities that such would engender.
  • A very melodramatic person who had a life-style to match, with highs and lows that can still characterize your temperament in this present life.
  • The artist or performer.

Dragon's Tail Ruler: The Sun

Take special note of any mention of the influence of the Sun in this report for such will give further information and clues concerning your Karmic Trend, particularly with regard to what is OUT, or at least, on the way OUT in the sense of certain elements being in need of elimination or a makeover.


Karmic Trend OUT: Belief Systems, Academia, Pontificating, Gallivanting & Forever Seeking/Not Walking Your Talk

South Node in the 9th House

Dragon's Tail in your Ninth House

The qualities of your past lives that tend to hold you back, while at the same providing you with deeply installed habits for good or ill, as described above by the Sign position of your Dragon's Tail, were and possibly still are especially applied to involvement with anything that was concerned with the bigger picture, far horizons and seeking a meaning to life along with the laws to govern it.

Consequently you now have a natural propensity to think big, to see life in broad concepts and in terms of 'right' and 'wrong'.

And as the very context of past lives is historical, it needs to be borne in mind that what characterized life before this modern era was itself keyed to seeing it in this way, a way which can be summed up in one word: religion.

The point now however is that this great store of understanding that you possess, your well-travelled pilgrim's soul, needs to be applied to the more everyday world, the person in the street.

This is explained in more detail below under Dragon's Head in your Third House, which essentially means that your views, opinions or philosophical concepts have to be communicated in a way that is readily understood and practically appreciated.

Perhaps more importantly, it needs to be conveyed in a manner that doesn't give the impression that you are talking down to people, or over their heads.

Previously, life was seen in those grand, epic, legalistic or scriptural terms. Symbolically speaking, you are now having to take off your dog-collar and put on a tee-shirt!

In the process you can then also shuck off the feeling that you are being judged by some higher authority, which may have given rise to all kinds of problems for you and others.

And this means that you can and should stop judging too. The seeker has now come home to communicate what he or she has discovered regarding the truths of life.

Possible Past Lives and Possibly Outgoing Present Life:

  • Priest, preacher or any religious occupation.
  • Judge, magistrate or any member of the judiciary.
  • Wanderer or pilgrim; travelling person or globe-trotter.
  • A religious or devotional life, or one spent in a place of higher learning.
  • Somebody in an elevated social position.
  • Suffering the irony of being confined by a belief system that was supposed to set you free.
  • Caught up in religious 'we're right and your wrong' dogmas and conflicts.
  • Any pursuit that broadcasts on a big scale like publishing, advertising, long distance travel, etc.

Karmic Trend IN: Being a Member of the Human Race & Part of the Bigger Picture, Group Interests & Friendship

North Node in Aquarius

Dragon's Head in Aquarius

This lifetime, the qualities that carry you forwards and upwards are those which spring from your urge to not only be unique yourself, but also to bear witness or give actuality to the idea that everyone is unique.

Any path that is unconventional is 'good medicine' for you, yet so too is knowing how to fall in with or acknowledge populist views and values, but without being subsumed by them.

Simply asking yourself the question 'What is unique about me?' will promote in you a sense of where you should be headed.

If you feel it is pretentious or egotistical to entertain such ideas about being special, then this is probably backlash from your Dragon's Tail in Leo, as described above.

The paradox of Aquarius is something that you would find yourself living if you are on the right track.

This alludes to the above issue of 'being special but so is everyone', of standing out in a crowd while being one of the crowd, of being both ordinary and extraordinary.

The trick is not to get on an ego-trip about either side of the Aquarian coin, to not get carried away with your 'specialness' but not to perversely denigrate it for fear of not being able to live up to it - a product of a repressed ego, which the ego in hiding.

Ultimately you can be an expression of the sheer cosmic nature of being a human being on a planet spinning through space!

Potential or Actual Present Life:

  • The 'original'.
  • Someone who promotes good causes.
  • The team-player.
  • The good friend.
  • The humanitarian.
  • The fair and impartial judge.
  • The everyman or everywoman with a quirky twist.
  • The scientist or esotericist.
  • The eccentric or one-off.

Dragon's Head Ruler: Uranus

Take special note of any mention of the influence of Uranus in this report, namely in Chapter 5/Far Distant Lives/Alien, Sky People and Prehistoric Karma/Uranian Lineage, for such will give further information and clues concerning your Karmic Trend, particularly with regard to forces for and against you achieving your destiny in this life.


Karmic Trend IN: Everyday Living, Communicating in the Here and Now, Neighborliness & Diversity

North Node in the 3rd House

Dragon's Head in your Third House

The qualities described above for the Sign position of your Dragon's Head are or need to be applied to that area of life which has to do with communicating in its most elementary sense.

This means that in order to fulfil your destiny, to head in your right direction, you need to involve yourself with - and make yourself understood by - the person in the street, your neighbors, and your siblings if you have any.

This appears straightforward enough, but because your OUT Karmic Trend, described above, means that your previous life or lives were preoccupied with the more lofty, academic and conceptual views of life and reality, just saying what you have to say AND being understood may take some doing.

This may mean that you have to first ask yourself 'What am I actually wanting or trying to say?' In fact though, all this turns out to be very much a case of practice makes perfect, for the more you attempt to communicate to the multifarious types who inhabit your here and now world, the better you get at it.

That is unless you continue to see others as inferior or beneath you, which is really a sign that you are refusing to 'stoop to conquer'.

It would mean that you are still 'dwelling in an ivory tower' and failing to come down to street level.

When you begin to attain the common touch you then begin to enlighten those people in your day-to-day life, and following upon that possibly the wider world too.

This is just one of the many paradoxes you are likely to encounter on your destiny's learning curve, another being 'the further one travels the less one knows'.

Potential or Actual Present Life:

  • A journalist or writer.
  • Commentator or counsellor.
  • Local wit or gossip.
  • Messenger.
  • Teacher.
  • Travel agent.
  • Librarian.
  • Source of information.

Your Karmic Trend: Pros and Cons

Planetary Aspects to your Lunar Nodes

These, if you have any, are very important because they tell you about the ease or difficulty in finding and following your Karmic Trend and leaving behind the outworn.

Good Karma Management

North Node Sextiles Sun

Sun harmonizing with Lunar Nodes

Whatever your Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail indicate, as shown above, you are well able to realize the destiny of the former while getting the best and weeding the worst out of the latter.

In the first case, you find it fairly easy to implement whatever is necessary to carry you forward in this life.

In the second case, you have the resolve and inclination to get out from under the hangovers and bad habits from previous existences.

Possible Past Lives:

  • One or more lives where you gave substance to the saying 'To die conscious is to be born wise', meaning that the effect of such an event gave you a rare insight into the workings of life, death and karma; of what matters and what does not.

  • Someone quite elevated in life, who knew more than most, like a wise person or elder.

Major Distraction

North Node Sesquiquadrate Moon

Moon conflicting with Lunar Nodes

It was as if something really blew you off course in your last life, or maybe it was always off course with you being in a position that was out of sync with your state of mind.

Perhaps you were in a role that disagreed with your deeper feelings, like a peaceable person having to fight, or someone who had privileges or comforts that prevented you from finding out what you really wanted or who you really were.

Consequently in this life you initially find your interests scattered and your true direction - as described by your Dragon's Head - hard to establish.

Such lack of focus could persist until you discover some end that endures, something that galvanizes you and pulls you away from things of lesser importance - again, as indicated by your Dragon's Head.

All this will especially apply and be down to the nature and karma of your last life as described in the next Chapter 2/Your Last Life, for such - especially your Moon's House position - will inform you of what can still distract you from your best course through life, creating friction and distress as a kind of repeat performance.

Possible Past Lives:

  • A square peg in a round hole.

  • A servant with two masters.

  • A misfit.

  • Someone who was denied how they felt.

  • Someone caught up in a collective situation, like a war, plague or economic crisis, where they were forced to go against the tide of their own true feelings.

  • A lifetime where one's direction became very unclear.

Extraordinary Origins

North Node Semisquare Uranus

Uranus conflicting with Lunar Nodes

You come from some time and place where you were wild and free, where magic and the extraordinary ruled. You very possibly were quite special or unique in some way.

Your origins and the unusual talents and qualities that accompany them can be said to be down to your Uranian Lineage, the meaning of which is described in Chapter 5/Your Far-Distant Lives, under 'Alien, Sky People and Prehistoric Karma'.

You most definitely have something extraordinary about you, but whether or not that has set you apart in this life as someone special or just plain odd, as someone gifted or arrogant, is the critical question.

One way or the other though, you stood apart from the common herd, or paradoxically you demanded freedom and rights for that very section of society, particularly the more neglected part of it.

In fact, paradox could describe a great deal about your heritage in that the best of what you have gleaned and gathered in previous lives in the form of what singled you out as someone special, can in the present life turn out to be what marks you out in a negative, alienating, social misfit, sort of way.

Your challenge is to somehow incorporate what is unusual about you into some role that appeals to the unusual in others, or to the need for freedom to be who they uniquely are too.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Magician.
  • Revolutionary.
  • Outcast.
  • Inventor.
  • Freak.
  • Esotericist.
  • Reactionary.
  • Renegade.
  • Outlaw.
  • Untouchable.
  • Alien.

A Return to the Crime Scene

'Close One'

North Node Squares Pluto

Pluto conflicting with Lunar Nodes

Your path towards your true destiny must necessarily go through some rather dark and tortuous places for the reason that you lost yourself in such shady vales and subterranean haunts in previous lifetimes.

This life is effectively 'A Return to the Crime Scene'.

The past horrors of abuse of power, given and received, are what you have to revisit, or be revisited by, in order that you purge yourself of whatever it is that dwells in your soul that drew it towards such dark deeds or experiences.

Essentially then, the 'crime scene' holds evidence of that abuse of power - whether sexual, financial, political, artistic, physical or anything else.

In sifting through this evidence you uncover what your role was, be it victim or victimizer.

And it would most likely be both, considering we're talking about what has gone down over many lifetimes.

So your Karmic Trend, as here described by your Lunar Nodes, has and will continue to take you through differing scenarios where you are the one who is dominator or dominated, where you are fearful of, or preoccupied with, chaos or death, so that you might recognize what 'power' actually is.

It is something as real as the blood coursing through your veins; like the emotions surging through your frame; as hormones flooding your system; as your genes unfolding your destiny, biological and otherwise.

Your destiny is to re-experience what true power is by remembering and being reminded how it was abused, misused or not used previously - by going through the consequences of such in this lifetime.

But this is not just for the hell of it, even though that is precisely what it can at times feel like.

It is so that your soul may be purged, and then you are once more aligned with pure power and are thereby able to express it in a healing, creative and positively transformative way.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Any scenario that involved horror and death:- War, particular very cruel civil ones, like the Spanish Civil War.
  • Plague.
  • Famine.
  • Black magician.
  • Sexual perversion or manipulation.
  • Vice.
  • Secret agent or covert activities.
  • Totalitarian regimes.
  • Murder and mayhem.
  • Ancient events such as being attacked and eaten by wild animals or monsters, leaving deeply buried in your psyche a fear of being 'consumed' by anything that is more powerful than you.
  • A victim of cataclysms, like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes that were rife upon this Earth in the earliest times of its formation.
  • 'Paradise Lost' scenarios, like for example, the corruption of innocent and beautiful cultures such as once existed, for example, in the South Sea Islands.

Chapter Two - Your Last Life

The Moon - Unconscious Promptings

The Moon in your chart has been described, symbolically at least, as where the Sun in your last life's chart was. In other words, the Moon is symbolic of your personal unconscious mind, for what was conscious in your last life - the Sun - has become unconscious in this one, giving rise to automatic responses, habits and predispositions.

So this will also provide you with clues as to why you are like you are in your current circumstances, because of what occurred previously. And your past in this lifetime, namely babyhood and childhood, is a direct continuation of what preceded it and so holds important clues concerning what or who you were in your last life. This, like a dream, is often forgotten, slipping away into the light of common day.

So enquiring into your past, or using some method like hypnosis in order to do so, can be very enlightening with regard to who you could have been before. All the time though, bear in mind that although this chapter is strictly about 'Your Last Life', that life is the result of the ones that came before it!

To Be Home Again

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer

Your last life was taken up with home and family, along with all the thicker-than-water feelings, sentiments, securities and insecurities that are part and parcel such a fundamentally important and influential aspect of life. As the Ruler of Cancer is the Moon, this chapter will carry a lot of weight for your last life was 'memorable'.

This could be literally so, with you very possibly having some kind of recall or sense of who and what you were before this life, or, there is the feeling inside of something calling you back to somewhere you truly belong - or both of these emotional sensations.

Your mother in this life is extremely likely to have been someone close to you in your last life - perhaps you were her mother or husband, with all the blessings and complications that such could engender

But most of all it was the issue of 'home' that figured so strongly in your last incarnation. Was it so safe and good that you long to find it again?

Or was it anything but, and so now you run away from the very idea of settling down? But whether it is tucked away in some peaceful valley or on the road, you are still trying to create or recreate that place of belonging.

Your home now, be it a cottage or a concept, is like a testament to your soul's history, with whatever that might be making others feel aware of what 'home' is for them too.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Firm member of a family, tribe, local district or even a nation.
  • Home-maker. A very emotional life, with many ups and downs, again revolving around home and family.
  • Someone for whom that last life was very full emotionally, possibly a life that involved a strong relationship with your present mother; in either case the ease or difficulty of it would be revealed by your Moon Aspects given below.
  • Lives lived in (according to present day geography) African Continent, Canada, Holland, New York City, New Zealand, Tunisia, United States.

Your Last Life: Details and Dynamics

Your Moon Aspects

These show you the more precise conditions of the above past lives and past life conditions.

Head versus Heart

Moon Opposes Mercury

Moon conflicting with Mercury

In your last life you were very sure of what you did mentally or manually, like a social or work skill, but out of touch with how you felt about your life and the people in it.

Or conversely, you couldn't help but let your emotional interests such as mother, family and close ties deflect you from your intellectual and career pursuits.

In your present life this imbalance still plays itself out as the reverse of what it was then - which could mean an alternation between the two expressions of it - with a lack of satisfaction being the result.

This could mean that you use talking or mental analysis as a kind of verbal overflow of things you do not want to feel or remember that happened before, dispersing those emotions and memories rather than focusing upon them long enough to make them meaningful, creative or both.

The content of what it is that you do not want to remember would be revealed in the rest of this report, and in this chapter in particular, especially regarding your Moon Sign.

The clue is in the word 'imbalance', for you now need to create and maintain a balance between how you think and speak, and how you feel - which would mean stopping that 'verbal overflow' long enough to be able to do just that.

In other words, you have something important, appealing and interesting to say, but you are afraid of feeling it owing to that previous life experience or experiences.

Possible Past Lives:

  • The confused individual; the gossip or victim of gossip; one of a great number of people who were not following, or able to follow, their heart or their head to the point of knowing or satisfying either.
  • Someone who lost or avoided the emotional plot, probably because of something that was said and then caused pain, or of something that was painful for not being talked about - at all or in the right way.
  • The hen-pecked or cuckolded man, or the heavily criticized or even condemned woman.

Dominant Femininity

'Close One'

Moon Quincunx Venus

Moon conflicting with Venus

Your last life was quite dominated by the female element of life in the sense that home, family, childrearing, tribe, feelings, comfort, and a peaceful rather than warlike element were to the fore.

Although this is can technically be called a 'conflicting' Aspect, it is not really because the 'Dominant Femininity' makes for an emphasis on passivity, adaptability and empathy, all of which tend and point toward an harmonious and peaceful previous existence.

Its problem is that it now has to deal with a 'dominant masculine' environment of the present day world. It is quite likely that, if you are male in this current life, you were actually female in your last.

In this case then, you are probably a 'soft male', with kindness and all feeling based values being more prevalent in you that it is in most men.

In some cases this strong female element from 'before' can give rise to gender questions or homosexuality.

Whatever your gender now, the pronounced feminine quality can make for an expectation or expression of softness and sympathy which may or may not be always warranted, which can lead to your being taken advantage of or keeping the peace at too high a price.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Member of a matriarchal society.
  • A peaceful, close to nature type of existence.
  • A herbalist or apothecary.
  • A lot of time spent in female company, like in an all-female production line in a mill or factory, or in a nunnery.
  • Or as a nurse.
  • Farmer's wife.
  • Gardens and fields.

Nature Versus Doctrine and/or Fundamental Faith in Life

Moon Conjuncts Jupiter

Moon uniting with Jupiter

Karmic Springboard:-

The manner in which the combining of these two Planets' energies has progressed and been expressed through your previous lives, and so far in this one, has now got to a new and powerful point of departure.

The karma of this union is dual in the sense that there are challenging and constructive Aspects to it - as the title and text testify - which are present because of both the negative and the positive being experienced during different periods.

Effectively these two Aspects should be seen to respectively serve and stimulate one another, one 'demand' the other 'supply', rather than the one being regarded as 'wrong' and the other as 'right'.

It is now up to you as to how it proceeds from here:

Nature Versus Doctrine - Your last life was very much taken up with being involved in or committed to some philosophy, belief, paradigm or ideology. The trouble with this was that some such doctrine overtook or supplanted your own natural sense of who you were as an individual soul - and possibly who you are now in this lifetime.

A strong investment in the 'group' - be it a political party, religious flock, nationalistic movement, mystical cult or even some kind of gang - took you over, making you confuse your own feelings with whatever you were taught you were supposed to feel.

Continuing to fall prey to this confusion between what you are as your natural self and what you are led to believe you are as a political, religious or social 'animal' could in this life find you strongly opposed or avoided as a result of unconscious self-righteousness 'leaking through' from that previous existence.

The difficulty is that this 'karma of dogma' is quite hard to shake off because the previous indoctrination was intrinsically self-justifying, as well as initially giving you a pronounced sense of confidence.

But such confidence is not actually in yourself but in the doctrine with which you were previously programmed. Furthermore, because of the dogmatic and persistent nature of such programming, you may have attracted, or been attracted to, something similar in this lifetime.

The challenge of all this is to now realize or remember what you truly believe in by making that distinction between a feeling of your very own and a set of ideas that were planted inside of you.

Take note of any mention of the influence of Jupiter in this report - particularly in 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives under 'Karmic Opportunities' - or any placements in Sagittarius, for such will give further information concerning this, your 'Nature Versus Doctrine' lifetime.

Possible Past Lives:

  • A fully paid-up member of some movement or party, religion or teaching.
  • A staunch 'believer', one of the 'party faithful'.
  • Someone whose own identity was lost in the identity of their tribe or nation - or just their family.
  • A preacher or proselytizer. Member of a matriarchal society, but with a dogmatic bent.

Fundamental Faith in Life -

Very fortunately there occurred something in your last life - and very likely before that too because we are talking lineage here and not just an event - which has conferred upon you an innate faith that there is something good about life and those that live it.

This could have taken the form of a very positive encounter with some teacher, guide or simply a good human being, or some kind of rewarding adventure or journey, possibly for religious reasons. You yourself would have been involved in 'good works' of some kind.

Notwithstanding any negative karma, particularly with respect to your Moon, you have a natural trust in the way of the world.

Whether this got compromised or confused could be an issue, but it is remembering your better nature, and your faith in the same in others, that will carry you far in this life.

This will also take you on through difficulties, as good feelings attract good events and opportunities.

Take note of any mention of the influence of Jupiter in this report - particularly in Chapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives under 'Karmic Opportunities' - or any placements in Sagittarius, for such will give further information concerning this lifetime or lifetimes where you enjoyed that 'Fundamental Faith in Life'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • The joyful pilgrim.
  • The merry traveler.
  • A charmed life, or at least a charmed episode in one.
  • A happy home and family life.
  • A philanthropist.
  • A good friend or mother.
  • Someone who showed kindness and generosity to those in need.
  • A trustworthy guide. The good woman.
  • Healthy and wholesome blood, family line or racial background.

  • Good 'stock'.

Emotional Shock

'Close One'

Moon Opposes Uranus

Moon conflicting with Uranus

Something occurred in the context of your last life as described here - or as a result of it - that was shocking, unexpected, or an act of rebellion maybe, especially with regard to women.

Then again it could have been some kind of sudden realization, innovation or invention that disrupted and changed things radically.

This could have taken the form of an accident, explosion or upheaval - again, particularly in the context of the meaning of your Moon Sign.

All this would originate from your Uranian Lineage as described below 'Alien, Sky People and Prehistoric Karma in Chapter 4/Far-Distant Lives. As a consequence of these kinds of event, in this lifetime there can be an expectation of emotional or domestic disruption that is not really warranted by the present circumstances.

In other words, you can be the one who creates the sudden change as a way of pre-empting an anticipated fate.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Someone who never felt they belonged; a square peg in a round hole.
  • An aviator lost in the clouds.
  • An individual driven from their home or homeland by revolution - or invasion, and who fights to subvert the invader (like for example, a member of the French Resistance against the Nazis during World War Two).
  • Or one of those who did the invading or raiding, disrupting and destroying homes, family life and security - possibly from the air.
  • A suffragette in the early part of the 20th century.
  • A runaway from family ties and commitments because they inhibited personal freedom, or conversely, someone who stayed at their post whilst it became more and more unbearable to the point of sudden disaster.
  • Any occasion involving severe emotional shock, giving rise to a deeply unconscious feeling that everything could suddenly change, be upset or taken away - especially with regard to being wrenched from one's home, family, country or people.
  • Persecuted for being 'different' or being regarded as an outsider or disruptive in some way.
  • An outcast.

Emotional Purging for Emotional Empowerment

'Close One'

Moon Sesquiquadrate Pluto

Moon conflicting with Pluto

Your last life was marked or rather scarred by some event or ongoing situation that made you feel emotionally devastated. Equally or additionally, you may have been the one doing the emotional devastating to one or more others.

However, owing to Pluto's fathomlessness, the deep and original cause of such devastation would have involved a life and death scenario, probably quite grim, a very long time ago, many lifetimes ago. Objectively, as we are considering a primitive time or civilization, such an event could be regarded as par for the course.

Mortality rates and vulnerability to rape and murder were rife in earlier times. Or such a tragic event or lifetime could have been more personal in that, for instance, someone very close was taken from you.

Subjectively, imprinted upon your soul is the memory that you were forsaken by, or robbed of, someone or something dear to you - even though it may have been humanly unavoidable.

The problem is this crippling event and its attendant emotions have reverberated through lifetimes, leaving you with a primary need to continually keep yourself safe and at a distance from any such similar pain reoccurring.

But this is a long distance call from your soul, your deep unconscious, which is crying 'Heal me!' Putting it off, understandable though this is, only compounds the fear of again being abandoned or betrayed.

It unerringly attracts situations and relationships which implement repeat performances, but ones that are more purely emotionally wounding - or at the very least painfully compromising - rather than physically damaging or fatal.

Then again you might have 'killed off' any such feeling by burying it in your deep unconscious mind. But whatever the case, what persists is the association that emotional closeness has with extreme suffering and loss.

What you have to do is firstly remind yourself that the actual event that started it, and the ones that compounded it, have passed. You are only experiencing the fall-out, even though this too can be devastating - but it is still an effect rather than the cause

Secondly, you need to immerse yourself in the feelings associated with these effects, to honestly delve into the truth of how you feel, to the point where you break through into a purged and liberated state, having released the 'germ' that caused it all.

Exposing the darkness to the light - the light of conscious awareness - vanquishes that darkness. Then not only will the situations and people with whom you are closely involved transform also, but you will have earned an emotional profundity that is powerfully healing and creative.
You will have cleared the way for the pure and primal 'you' to surface.

Possible Past Lives:

  • An annihilation of all that gave you security, which could not only have included your mother at the time - which may have been who your present mother is now - but that she was the one who did the annihilating; or at least, was perceived by you to have done so.
  • Being part of a family that was cruelly slaughtered. Being a survivor of some event where many others were killed, giving rise to guilt or fear of being tracked down or killed later, along with an imprinted desire to somehow make recompense.
  • Any life or lives where one was abandoned or felt to be abandoned by someone very close.
  • A deeply intimate relationship that went desperately wrong, instilling in you a fear of intimacy, but still an urge to experience it.
  • Someone who abused power, like emotional leverage, particularly in a way that robbed another or others of home, family, mother and security; being a victim of same.
  • Political or genocidal pogroms, or natural disasters, could be scenarios in which any of the above could have taken place.

Major Distraction

Moon Sesquiquadrate North Node

Moon conflicting with Lunar Nodes

This important Aspect has been described above under the same title in Chapter 1/Your Karmic Trend.

Where Your Last Life Plays Out Now

Your Moon House

This tells you in what area of life the above-described past life events manifest or play out in this lifetime.


The Inner Dwelling Being

Moon in the 8th House

Moon in your Eighth House

Your Moon is in a Water House, and this profoundly influential position is given a suitable lengthy description, under the same title, in Chapter 4/Your Deep Memory Sources/Hidden Karma or Secret Issues.

Chapter Three - Your Recent and Distant Lives

Jupiter and Saturn - Keepers of Karma

This is about your most-likely unconscious memories of lives going back through the whole of known, conventionally accepted, Earth history - like major programs on a computer hard-drive that are running in the background and affecting your present life.

This can be seen as how your life has been, and still is, dealt out by the two hands of fate symbolized by Jupiter and Saturn - those two 'major programs' in our computer analogy.

On the one hand, Jupiter deals out your Karmic Opportunities giving rise to growth and expansion, while on the other, Saturn deals out your Karmic Score, lessons that when learnt create stability, maturity and authority.

However, seeing that Jupiter and Saturn are, like hands, a 'pair', they should always be seen to serve one another, with for example, an opportunity (Jupiter) being made something of (Saturn), or effort (Saturn) opening up new avenues of possibility (Jupiter).

Similarly, they often seem to shift one into the other, with opportunities turning into lessons, and lessons becoming opportunities.

Your Karmic Opportunities


Jupiter is your journey, inward or outward, which the seeker in you has taken and is taking through lifetimes, and in doing so brings with it opportunities for growth and greater understanding.

It is your sense of adventure and of going somewhere meaningful and ultimately full of joy as you appreciate more and more that a great story is being told through one incarnation after another.

Most significantly, Jupiter's rulership of religion is particularly relevant here because past lives have usually taken place during some period in history, whereas for those of us raised and living in the modern materialistic, technological and secular world - as distinct from cultures that have retained their religiosity - religion has not been such a strong influence upon our lives and upbringing as it was previously.

So religious influences in previous lives are notable because they tend to decree what one's scope and opportunities in life actually were or were allowed to be. And these influences of course leak through to the present life.

The weaknesses of Jupiter are also marked by lifetimes of overdoing anything, relying too much on luck, being excessive or overly confident. As a general rule, but not always, Jupiter is about sowing karma.

Family Values

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer

Because you have spent quite a lot of time and even lifetimes growing and advancing through the highs and lows of seeking emotional security and establishing family set-ups, your Karmic Opportunities are now most likely to be found in the fostering and nurturing of whatever or whoever you care for and about.

This may or may not be borne out by your actual present life circumstances for the simple reason that this is how the need for such growth and furtherance is brought home to you.

It could be a mistake of yours to expect typical 'Family Values', and scenarios to match, because there is an unconscious expectation of such being there on a plate.

Or conversely, previous family situations may have actually disallowed you furthering yourself and making the life you needed.

There could be similar family connections in this lifetime, with family members being previous spouses, siblings, cousins, etc.

But all this stresses the expansive urge to create that sense of family in the here and now.

Take special note of the influence of the Ruler of Cancer, the Moon, in this report, namely in Chapter 2/Your Last Life for such will give further information concerning your Karmic Opportunities and Family Values.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Being a member of a large and longstanding family, possibly one of some note in the country or community.
  • Being involved in planned marriages and the bonding of different families for the good of the greater whole.
  • Follower of a religion or doctrine that made a priority out of the family, tribe or clan - with commensurately limiting or advantageous results.

Your Karmic Opportunities: Details and Dynamics

Your Jupiter Aspects

These show you the more precise qualities and conditions of your Karmic Opportunities born of experiences during Your Recent and Distant Lives.

Nature Versus Doctrine and/or Fundamental Faith in Life

Jupiter Conjuncts Moon

Jupiter uniting with Moon

Karmic Springboard:

This powerful emotional Aspect has been described above in Chapter 2/Your Last Life under the same title, strongly suggesting that such Jupiterian Karma originated in the life immediately previous to this one.

Traveler's Tales

'Close One'

Jupiter Opposes Mercury

Jupiter conflicting with Mercury

Through lifetimes you have oscillated between, on the one hand, staying near to where you were born, your parish, local district or neighborhood, and on the other hand, venturing over the horizon to seek your fortune.

The reason for the swinging back and forth is because in the first place you became so bored or frustrated with your limited scope that you made an ill-prepared sortie into the unknown, possibly with titanic aspirations, only to be disappointed or worse, and finally coming back with your tail between your legs.

Nevertheless, you probably told a good tale of where you had been and what you'd be doing, and who with - with a liberal dash of exaggeration and dramatization in order to foster the idea that your adventure was well worth it.

All this is fairly harmless karma except that it can leave you as bored and frustrated as ever, and possibly causing a raised eyebrow or two amongst those you are with.

The lesson is therefore simply one of getting a plan, thinking it through, but not too much, and seeking your fortune until you truly and honestly find it!

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mercury in this report for such will give further information concerning your 'Traveler's Tales'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Someone who was enticed away from the world they knew because of the promise of a greater life - like for example, going to sea or war, following some religious leader or prophet, the proverbial 'going off with the circus that came to town' - and then was disillusioned, possibly because of relying too much on someone or something else to provide what they were after.
  • A person who whiled away their life talking or promising but never doing.
  • Someone who seriously mistook opinions for facts.
  • A purveyor of goods or services that did not live up to their advertisement.
  • The typical ad-person or hidden persuader, promising great satisfaction and the realization of one's dreams.
  • At a lower level, a liar and a thief.

Dogma Karma

Jupiter Opposes Saturn

Jupiter conflicting with Saturn

Here is a firm indication of powerfully influential lifetimes being a member of some established religious denomination or of some longstanding tradition where subscribing to its customs and rules was a strongly enforced obligation.

Alternatively, you could equally have been opposed to such catholic bodies or beliefs - but this would sort of have amounted to the same thing.

And needless to say, this 'Dogma Karma' is and has been rife in human society since the dawn of time, so its carries a lot of collective weight.

In this lifetime though, such 'Dogma Karma' can find you being or feeling either restricted or guilt-ridden for no obvious reason - or for the wrong reason - or find you straining against limitations to the point of finding it hard to commit to anything or anyone for long.

Significantly, none of this may be obvious to you, at least not at first, for the simple reason that this 'we are right and they are wrong' belief has been so long and so deeply installed.

It is possibly only going to dawn on you that this is the case when something or someone does the same to you.

That is, they strongly think you are wrong and oppose or block you, or they fail to commit to you.

Or you even go so far as running afoul of authority or the law as you try make a stand against what appears externally to be holding you back.

And another very common expression of 'Dogma Karma' is to now not believe in anything at all, but as it has been said, this is a stubborn belief in itself.

The big challenge in this lifetime is to find a balance between fact and faith, between expansiveness and limitation, and thereby create a healthy philosophy and attitude which submits neither to dark doubt or blind conviction.

Possible Past Lives:

  • A life battling against non-believers or those who opposed your beliefs, like for example, a crusader in the Holy Land in the 11th or 16th century; or being on the opposing side, that is, one of the 'non-believers'.
  • Someone who was in a position of authority but did not believe that they had any authority; or conversely, someone who had strong beliefs but no authority.
  • Someone who was downtrodden by the 'state' and or the 'church', or was biased toward one or the other, or who was dangerously caught between the two.
  • A victim of the Law of Man or the Law of God, or someone who victimized others in the name of one or both.
  • A person who was simply caught up and confined by whatever prevailing system was in power at the time, and felt powerless to do anything about it - or never even thought to do anything about it, just complained.

Faith, Shock & God's Truth

'Close One'

Jupiter Opposes Uranus

Jupiter conflicting with Uranus

You have a strong line of lifetimes that goes back to some ancient time where you were in possession of powerful knowledge relating to what could be called 'God's Truth' - or at least, you were closely involved with someone who was.

Because this knowledge challenged and flew in the face of whatever was the conventional religion of the day, it was therefore dangerous. And so you could have been punished or persecuted, or had to go into hiding.

How such knowledge sits with you today, or whether you are even conscious of it, is the big question. But that esoteric awareness, that sense of 'God's Truth', is still inside of you somewhere!

So in this lifetime it could manifest as anything from a definite sense of there being something special about yourself and life, to just a vague question like 'Is this all there is?' The former can give you a sense of superiority that can eventually alienate you - again.

The latter can just leave you feeling perennially dissatisfied as you fail to recognize what actually is special about you and life.

In any event, start out with the idea that you do have that sense of some ultimate truth, and like a germinating seed gently and consistently nurture it so that it grows into something magical and wise.

Looked at in another way, or during another life, you at some point experienced something that upset your faith in life, God, yourself or whatever hitherto you believed in strongly, probably of the nature described here.

Equally, this may have been a very unexpected and sudden awakening that demolished your previous philosophy or idea of what life was about.

In any event, it has, on the negative side, made it hard for you to persevere with projects or believe in something that cannot be proven or whose reliability cannot be guaranteed.

This has inclined you to go into ventures without any preparation at all, or to over-prepare or deliberate to the point of stalling.

On the positive side, you are not given to being dogmatic because your philosophy is ever changing and evolving.

At your best you will trust chance by not thinking too much (or even at all).

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Uranus in this report, namely in Chapter 7/Your Distant Lives under 'Alien, Sky People and Prehistoric Karma', for such will give further information concerning 'Faith, Shock & God's Truth'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • The magician. The religious defector.
  • A member of some esoteric sect, like for example the Druids, or the Essenes (in Judea from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD).
  • Member of any group that defied the prevailing beliefs and opinions of the day. An iconic figure in some field of human endeavor - or in close relationship with one.
  • Someone who was punished, possibly severely, for their unusual or rebellious beliefs.
  • A disillusioned devotee.
  • Victim or beneficiary of a shocking revelation concerning someone or something that was heartily believed in.
  • Victim of some technical failure or human error, like in an air accident.
  • Involvement in some hare-brained project.
  • Caught up in a revolution, with disastrous consequences.
  • A sudden revelation of the 'truth' that has left you too expectant of such occurring just when you want it to in this life, whereas it will come of its own bidding, not your own.

High Hopes

Jupiter Opposes Neptune

Jupiter conflicting with Neptune

Previous incarnations have, in one instance, led you to believe that anything is possible as long as you have some vision of whatever that might be; yet in another instance you have been strongly disenchanted by such an idea, even to point of not believing that anything is trustworthy or achievable at all.

However, such are the 'High Hopes' that have been factored into your being since literally 'God knows when' you are likely to have come back into the fray to again attempt making your vision of a better world a reality, or to find something that lives up to it, or someone who embodies it.

You are a testament to Alexander Pope's line "Hope springs eternal in the human breast".

This can be a good, even great, thing - as long as you learn the lesson implicit in it: that your vision must be practical, must hold water, must have its 'fine print' read and re-read.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Devoted follower of some guru or religious leader who ultimately let you down, but at the same time left a scintilla of hope and faith that you clung to regardless.
  • Or you could have been that charismatic preacher.
  • Someone who went on an arduous holy pilgrimage and had to convince themselves that it was all worthwhile - but probably wasn't - or maybe it was, if only.
  • A voyager or adventurer on the high seas, exploring or buccaneering.
  • A seeker after fabled treasure.
  • Called to any great event or cause that proved to be disillusioning; the greater the event - World War One for example - the greater the disillusionment, but the illusion dies hard - meaning that the seed of it can be still dangerously present.

Where Your Karmic Opportunities Play Out Now

Your Jupiter House

This tells you in what area of life the above-described qualities and conditions of your Karmic Opportunities, born of experiences during Your Recent and Distant Lives, manifest or play out in this lifetime.


Power in High Places

Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter in your Eighth House

As Jupiter is placed in one of the Water Houses, this has been specially interpreted under the same title in Chapter 4/Your Deep Memory Sources/Hidden Karma or Secret Issues.

Your Karmic Score


Saturn is all about karmic lessons learned, to be learned, or in the process of being learned.

So Saturn is like a record of what you have learned to your advantage, or have not and now need to, as the case may be - and where this finds you in this lifetime.

Saturn also symbolizes authority, in terms of the type of authority or authorities you had to deal with previously and now.

You may have fallen foul of some kind of external authority, for example; but in the end you are seeking internal authority born of knowing your deeper self through accessing and appropriately responding to the nature of your karma.

Your karma has the ultimate authority in you and over you; this is why Saturn is called the Lord of Karma.

Naturally enough, the position of Saturn can show what it is you are initially weak in, or even fearful of, because that will be the area you are needing to firm up, mature and eventually become an authority in as a consequence of taking on board your karmic lessons and doing something about them.

More usually, but not always, Saturn is about reaping karma.

Here we look at your Karmic Score so far, that is, points for and against from your recent and distant lives, and the subsequent lessons you are learning in Saturn's 'Karmic University'.

The Karmic University of Worldly Position

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn

This is like an institution within an institution; an inner one and an outer one.

Initially while you work and study in the outer institution, which is concerning reality as it seems to be, you might well be thinking that it is the only institution, and that you are here to learn and earn your place in the scheme of things as it has been conventionally laid down.

And even an 'unconventional' position could be perfectly respectable in that it still has its place in the consensus reality.

For example, there are 'acceptable' eccentrics and rebels and there are 'unacceptable' ones. So this outer institution educates and conditions one for one's place in society, one's slot in the system.

This is all a bit, or exactly, like 'The Matrix'. In other words you are led, if you have taken the 'blue pill', to believe that this curriculum is the only one, and your choices are limited to it and by it.

And it may well turn out to be the case - that is unless you take the 'red pill' and elect to enroll in the inner institution, the 'real' reality.

Interestingly, all of this puts a different spin on the word 'matriculation'. Your karma overall, as here described, will give you pointers as to what color pill you have taken or are about to take, but the important and significant thing about your Karmic Score is that you have indeed 'matriculated' in that it is now, in this present life, that you have that choice to make, between outer and inner, true and false, blue or red pill.

Graduation from the outer part of this Karmic University is actually a misnomer because you actually stay exactly where the system wants you to be, however well you do in your 'exams'.

The real graduation is from the inner University, which means that you are reading and understanding what this report is telling you: your karma and destiny are uniquely yours, and the world in which you are living it out is only as real as your karma and destiny make it.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Someone for whom life had reached such a pass that it registered that something had to fundamentally change in terms of what you thought 'reality' actually was.
  • A fully paid-up, and totally exhausted, member of whatever was the 'system' in that lifetime and place.
  • Some kind of 'official' or someone charged with enforcing boundaries and behaviors.
  • A person who had climbed the 'ladder of success' only to find that it was a con, an illusion created by the State.

Your Karmic Score: Details and Dynamics

Your Saturn Aspects

These show you the more precise qualities and conditions of your Karmic Score born of experiences during Your Recent and Distant Lives.

Use or Misuse of Intellect and/or Mental Discipline

Saturn Conjuncts Mercury

Saturn uniting with Mercury

Karmic Springboard:

The manner in which the combining of these two Planets' energies has progressed and been expressed through your previous lives, and so far in this one, has now got to a new and powerful point of departure.

The karma of this union is dual in the sense that there are challenging and constructive Aspects to it - as the title and text testify - which are present because of both the negative and the positive being experienced during different periods.

Effectively these two Aspects should be seen to respectively serve and stimulate one another, one 'demand' the other 'supply', rather than the one being regarded as 'wrong' and the other as 'right'.

It is now up to you as to how it proceeds from here:

Use or Misuse of Intellect -

Like many, here is a personal karma that is very possibly all too embedded in collective karma.

This is because it has to do with how the use of intellectual powers, logical thinking and material science have held sway as being the only proper arbiters and expressions of truth and fact over the last few hundred years.

So this is saying that you have either been a beneficiary of this 'rule' or a victim of it.

If you are the former you would possibly have been in a position where you drew great security and prestige from being someone of intellectual note.

You now still benefit from this intellectual pedigree, but with the added circumstance of having to deal with someone or something that defies the intellect - that may even be mad, or at least appear so to your rational or linear way of thinking

Or you lock horns with someone who regards themselves as your intellectual superior, or at least, equal.

If, on the other hand, you were a victim of this way of thinking - then in this lifetime you could be one with 'learning difficulties' as your predominant right-brain still struggles with a predominantly left-brain world.

So either you have to 'bone up' and strengthen your intellectual muscle, or make a virtue out of being a lateral or more intuitive perceiver and thinker.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mercury in this report for such will give further information concerning 'The Use or Misuse of Intellect'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Member of some intellectual order.
  • A teacher or dunce, depending.
  • A scholar.
  • Someone high up or low down on the employment ladder.
  • A measurer of things.
  • Someone crafty as opposed to educated, or vice versa; this could mean being someone who lived outside the law or someone who actually devised the letter of it.
  • A cleric or scribe.
  • An accountant or any keeper of records, or an advisor; possibly punished for making a serious error concerning same, giving rise in this current lifetime to a fear of repeating any such technical error.
  • Someone who always subscribed to whatever was the conventional idea of reality and of what had intellectual authority.

Mental Discipline -

Your mind has developed over lifetimes - and during certain lifetimes in particular - in a structured and practical way.

Yours is a karma of having had to apply your mind to work, for whatever reason, the main ones being that you just had to work, enjoyed it, or both.

This has conferred upon you a no-nonsense approach to life; you do not suffer fools gladly.

Because numerous times you have had to develop a methodology and acquire and learn information, it is now something that comes quite naturally.

You have come to understand that life demands mental effort, and that paradoxically this in itself makes it less arduous.

If this is not the case with you now, then this would indicate that the karmic effects of other, less down-to-earth lifetimes, with more erratic and distracting events, have been allowed to overwhelm you, or just find you mentally lazy or resigned.

This last point can be down to having things worked out for you, or menial tasks done for you, in previous lives, with the idle expectation that they still will be.

But it is more common for you to have 'Mental Discipline' of your own, rather than leaving someone else to use theirs. But it may still be a case of being forced to get your mind into gear.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Someone in a responsible position or job.
  • Being in possession of some distinct mental skill like flying a plane, working a machine, communicating technical information.
  • Constructing or mending physical items - the engineer, draughts person, mechanic.
  • A learned individual.
  • Someone who liked applying themselves to any problem, with success breeding an even more disciplined mind.
  • Someone who brought order to a situation that needed it.
  • Or conversely, someone for whom this was always done for them.

Misuse of Force

Saturn Semisquare Mars

Saturn conflicting with Mars

Here is a personal karma that is very possibly all too embedded in collective karma.

This is because it has to do with how the use of force to coerce or defeat others, or be coerced or defeated by them, has been one of the major themes of life on Earth.

In short, we live on a planet where the main system is a predatory one.

Dog eat dog; survival of the fittest; going to war, etc. Consequently such is, or certainly has been, seen as a convention, and so the 'Misuse of Force' goes on and on, and has only in recent history begun to be seriously questioned.

The point here is that you as a soul are particularly affected by all this, with aggression and assertion being very real issues for you.

So you have either been the aggressor or one who used superior strength to assert yourself over others, or, you were on the receiving end of same - probably both alternating through lifetimes.

Ideally, this current life should be 'A Farewell to Arms' rather than a call to them. However, the memory, habit or tradition of fighting and defending is such that the inclination to fight or over-assert persists.

Or there exists in you a fear of these very things, as a kind of inhibition against recommitting or attracting the same 'crime'.

A third alternative, and a common one, is to swing back and forth between being aggressive or very assertive at one extreme and being afraid of aggression or of asserting yourself at the other; running hot and cold.

All this would also apply to sexuality and masculinity, with one or both being a problem area for reasons of there being too much force or not enough strength. In learning this Saturnian lesson, to 'lay down one's sword and shield' but not to the point of becoming a victim or target oneself, is the undeniably difficult challenge of this karma.

But to succeed here would indeed make some contribution toward realizing the ultimate goal of an end to war and aggression, and the correct use of force or strength to help others, to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Until then, this 'Misuse of Force' karma will persist, even if only it manifests as an inclination to collide with inanimate objects or attract apparently unsolicited aggression from some quarter, or possibly as some physical complaint where movement is painful, inhibited or impaired.

As a general guideline for diminishing this bad karma, it is desirable to discharge tension and release aggressive feelings in a harmless or disciplined way, and ideally in a way that has a positive or healing effect on others.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mars in this report for such will give further information concerning 'Misuse of Force'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • The fighter or warring individual; the victim of war or aggression.
  • The underdog or oppressor.
  • A life of physical hardship or of riding roughshod over others.

Dogma Karma

Saturn Opposes Jupiter

Saturn conflicting with Jupiter

This challenging Aspect has been described above in your Karmic Opportunities/Jupiter under the same title.

Which Side Are You On? and/or The Pragmatic Activist

Saturn Conjuncts Uranus

Saturn uniting with Uranus

Karmic Springboard:

The manner in which the combining of these two Planets' energies has progressed and been expressed through your previous lives, and so far in this one, has now got to a new and powerful point of departure.

The karma of this union is dual in the sense that there are challenging and constructive Aspects to it - as the title and text testify - which are present because of both the negative and the positive being experienced during different periods.

Effectively these two Aspects should be seen to respectively serve and stimulate one another, one 'demand' the other 'supply', rather than the one being regarded as 'wrong' and the other as 'right'.

It is now up to you as to how it proceeds from here:

Which Side Are You On? -

You are caught up in the age-old collective karma of the New battling it out with Old, with you alternating over lifetimes between siding with those agents of conservatism that are the latter, and with those agents of change which are the former.

But 'Which Side Are You On?' is really a trick question because the paradox or irony that has to be grasped this time round is that the New has to pass the test of the Old, as any inventor trying to get their invention approved of and put into production will tell you.

Conversely, the edifice of conservatism must ultimately bend to the force of change if it is not to be broken.

So what side of the barricade you find yourself on in whichever lifetime is a provocative question.

For example, is your (unconscious) memory that of you as an aristocrat being guillotined by French revolutionaries in the late 18th century, or of being one of those revolutionaries? Were you a rebel in control, or a member of the Establishment that used to be in control?

As has been pointed out, this is collective karma because it mostly involves one mass vying with another.

But the degree to which this is personal may be seen in whatever Aspects Saturn or Uranus are making to your personal planets: Sun, Moon (Chapter 2), Mercury, Venus or Mars - and to your Lunar Nodes (Chapter 1).

If such is the case then a previous existence may have witnessed you as someone who kept switching sides as your individual point of view wrestled with the consensus point of view.

Or as an individual caught in a kind of karmic Mexican stand-off where one force is equal to the one that opposes it, with neither making a decisive move.

Ultimately, in this lifetime you are looking to find a balance between these two extremes, which demands that you be honest and decisive. "Today's radicals are tomorrow's conservatives."

Possible Past Lives:

  • An indecisive person, or one who made rash decisions - with proportionate fall-out in either case.
  • An extremist of either the radical or conservative persuasion, and who suffered or was punished for it.
  • A turncoat, that is, someone who changed sides when the odds were no longer in favor of their original allegiance.
  • Someone who was caught between a rock and hard place.
  • A lifetime that took place during a revolution of some kind, which could have been a one-off riot in a small town, to being part of one of the world-changing kind like the French or American Revolution.
  • A rebel or non-conformist of some kind, or one who suppressed same.
  • Being a member of an invaded country involved in sabotaging or resisting the invaders (like in the French Resistance against the Nazis in the World War Two) - or as ever, vice versa.
  • Someone whose lifestyle and standards were forever against the Establishment - like a magician, maverick or renegade Robin Hood type - or conversely someone who opposed or even condemned that kind of individual.
  • A person who had something significant to say, possibly shocking or revolutionary, and who was ignored or scorned by those they were trying to tell - or who simply did not try hard enough to speak out because they let their fears and inhibitions take over.
  • Or someone who was punished by the authorities for whistle-blowing.

The Pragmatic Activist -

Here your Saturnian karma is beneficially affected by any and all positive deeds and qualities described below in your 'Uranian Lineage' as described in Chapter 5/Your Far-Distant Lives/ Alien, Sky People and Prehistoric Karma.

This good karma positively affects, alleviates or nullifies some or all negative Saturnian karma.

This is because you have a Uranian background influence, born of your Uranian Lineage, which keeps reminding you that there is something other than the known and conventional, that for every fact there is an anomaly.

This strongly offsets the dangers of becoming entrenched in your ways of thinking, feeling or acting.

You are naturally aware that although new ideas and values are at first resisted by the status quo or your own cautiousness, eventually the new will prevail - providing it is sound and useful. This positive blending of Saturnian karma and Uranian Lineage makes for you being in this lifetime the classic 'practical idealist' or 'pragmatic activist'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Someone with a degree of authority as well as an openness to the new and to people who did not necessarily belong to 'acceptable society'.
  • A successful inventor or innovator, especially in the field described below by your Saturn House position.
  • Someone who bridged the gap and resolved difficulties between opposing factions, like Pocahontas did between English colonists and Native Americans during the early part of the 17th Century.

A Battle between Spirit and Matter and/or Practical Visionary

'Close One'

Saturn Conjuncts Neptune

Saturn uniting with Neptune

Karmic Springboard:

The manner in which the combining of these two Planets' energies has progressed and been expressed through your previous lives, and so far in this one, has now got to a new and powerful point of departure.

The karma of this union is dual in the sense that there are challenging and constructive Aspects to it - as the title and text testify - which are present because of both the negative and the positive being experienced during different periods.

Effectively these two Aspects should be seen to respectively serve and stimulate one another, one 'demand' the other 'supply', rather than the one being regarded as 'wrong' and the other as 'right'.

It is now up to you as to how it proceeds from here:

A Battle between Spirit and Matter -

For lifetimes you have been swinging back and forth between, on the one hand, your desires to enjoy and succeed in the material world along with its pleasures, rewards and sense of achievement; and on the other, a calling to a spiritual life, a life where you very definitely live according to a higher set of rules and values.

Possibly this swinging back and forth has been characterized by getting what you wanted physically and materially but then finding it meaningless or dissatisfying.

You then began to seek some higher purpose in life that denied you the pleasures of the flesh and the gratification of the ego, but then this would have been experienced as too demanding and self-denying.

And so the more attainable goals of a conventional material existence would have tempted you back again, only for the pattern to repeat with you again trying the spiritual path when the material life started to pall again.

Seeing as this is a repeating pattern it would still persisting in this life - possibly as a frustrating experience of start-stop-start-stop with everything you attempt or do; nothing getting into a higher gear as you keep changing your priorities and objectives.

Although in some respects it could be said that this is par for the course while you are aiming to attain a balance between material and spiritual values and involvements, ultimately it is the spiritual path that has to become your way onwards and upwards.

Quite simply, this life is one where some kind of spiritual obligation or karmic imbalance (debt) has to be recognized and acted upon.

When, and only when it is, will you then begin to ascend quite steadily.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Neptune in this report, namely in Chapter 7/Your Distant Lives under 'Oceanic Bliss and Golden Age Karma' for such will give further information concerning 'A Battle between Spirit and Matter'.

Possible Past Lives:

  • A seemingly religious person with double standards; running with the hare and with the hounds; falling between two stools as you tried to serve two masters.
  • Life circumstances where it was imperative that you listened to your conscience, but didn't - or did but with dire consequences.
  • World War One would be a likely lifetime scenario for this; also giving rise to profound distrust of the State or those in authority - and possibly feelings of futility or of being sucked into something for no good reason.
  • Giving up out of acute frustration, like for example, having something you built swept away, like a house by a flood.
  • In some way your position was undermined, and/or you undermined someone else's position, particularly with respect to your Saturn Sign as described above.

Practical Visionary -

Overall, in past lives you have done your best to plot a fair course between spirituality and practicality, between and inspiring vision and a means of putting it into action or giving it form, between compassion and knowing when enough is enough. Such serves you well now in a variety of capacities, like for example, a film-maker or healer.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Stonemason working on the building of a cathedral.
  • Someone involved in grounding spiritual or mystical teachings.
  • An individual who managed to keep materially stable yet at the same time never let money and status come before higher principles.
  • Someone who always gave to the poor - but only if they did something useful with what was given.
  • A person who was able to maintain peace and order between two opposing factions.

Constructive Transformations

Saturn Sextiles Pluto

Saturn harmonizing with Pluto

This is a positive but mostly collective karma in that you have had lifetimes where great changes have occurred which have been for the good, broadly speaking.

So this has given you a 'background wash' that causes you to feel confident about any shifts or alterations in your lifestyle, career and intimate relationships.

Possible Past Lives:

  • One of many settlers who emigrated to make a new life for themselves in, say, the New Worlds of America or Australia.
  • Someone who was part of a great collective organized power that was victorious, such as the Desert Rats of the British Army beating the German Afrika Korps at El Alamein in 1942, or with Wellington at Waterloo in 1815 - or any other such successful major campaign, be it military or otherwise. Being on the winning side.

Where Your Karmic Score Plays Out Now

Your Saturn House

This tells you in what area of life the above-described qualities and conditions of your Karmic Score, born of experiences during Your Recent and Distant Lives, manifests or plays out in this lifetime.


What Is Worth What?

Saturn in the 2nd House

Saturn in your Second House

The learning of these lessons as described here, as well as any hard-earned advantages such as authority, accomplishment and maturity, are most likely to make themselves felt with respect to your sense of self-worth and what has real value.

This sense quite naturally manifests in your earning power, property, physical or material confidence, and the values you place upon not just yourself but everything in your life.

Obviously, in our mainly materialistic culture this Saturnian karma carries a lot of weight, as your material wherewithal is seen to be the main indicator of worth.

However, Saturn's real lesson here is posed by the question 'What Is Worth what?'

This means that whatever your Karmic Score is here telling you, this is what determines your worth as a human being.

In actual fact, one's worth as an individual is entirely subjective - but the world and its values seem to dictate the criteria by which our worth is measured.

If those criteria are wrong then one is on a hiding to nothing. Possibly the real criteria for being worth something is simply to be a good human being.

And it is this report that is in aid of guiding you towards this, particularly the Saturnian part of it.

Potential or Actual Present Life:

  • Someone who finds success and authority in some form of ownership.
  • A money-maker. Or having a hard time of it materially; never having much or enough money.
  • Enjoying or suffering the state of ownership.
  • Someone who ultimately realizes what has true value in life - or someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  • A person who goes through some kind of material or financial crisis on their learning curve to the realization of what has true worth.
  • Learning that 'enough' is truly the 'feast'.
  • Losing something in order to find out what it was really worth.
  • A pillar of the material community.
  • A setter of values.
  • An expert on value or self-worth.

Chapter Four - Your Deep Memory Source

The Water Houses - The Sea, the Well and the Subterranean River

These are the parts of your birth chart - the Twelfth, Fourth and Eighth Houses - which leak or let in emotional memories that come from deep within your psyche.

Any Planets placed in them therefore give distinct types of access to equally distinct types of past life experience, depending on the Planet.

Although they are seen here primarily as these memory access points to previous lives, they can also describe what is happening or can happen in your current life, but in a contemporary context.

There can be from none to all the Planets positioned in these Houses, but even if a Water House is empty, a clue is given by the Planet that rules the Sign on the Cusp of that House.

Pressing Karma or Unresolved Issue

Your Twelfth House

Often seen as the House of Karma itself, the Twelfth is more properly seen as an indication of past life issues that have 'risen to the top' as they are pressing to be dealt with - rather like the sea encroaching on the land - and if they are not then one is confined, restricted or inundated by them according to the nature of any Planets placed in it or on its cusp, and to a lesser extent, of the Planet that rules it.

Looked at another way, the longer you leave such issues unattended to, the more difficult it is to deal with them, which then makes you more reluctant to do so.

This creates a feedback loop that escalates the problem, manifesting as a kind of 'psychic constipation' as you find it harder and harder to release what is stuck in your Twelfth House, the House that contains what is called in psychological terms 'the repressed contents of the psyche'.

The 'pressing' nature of these karmic issues can be quite literally felt as some kind of distress or difficulty by one's mother while you were inside of her, which simultaneously has something to do with events in her life at the time, the effects of which are naturally passed directly on to the embryonic you.

This is also an instance of how the Twelfth House is about the timeless and a causal dimensions of life, because one can't really say whether it is the child or the mother that sets off the chain of events, or when.

Equally, these pressing issues may well be to do with collective karma, that is, the result of things done and felt, be they negative or positive, by some portion or even the whole of humanity.

However, it has still fallen to you, in whatever capacity you possess, to do something about or with whatever this collective karma might be.

In your life, when these issues have been successfully dealt with they then develop into psychological awareness, healing talents and insights into the spiritual and mysterious nature of life itself.

It can also mean that you are able to tune into the collective needs and desires, cater to them, and thereby be widely popular and successful.

However there can be a negative version of this which finds you being the embodiment of collective illusions, with success followed by a fall when the illusions are realized.

In any event, it is as if these latent capabilities are 'gestating' even after one has left the womb, for them to 'birth' later, all being well, or otherwise.

Any Planets in your Twelfth House will help describe your 'Pressing Karma or Unresolved Issues', and if you have no Planets here, which means you haven't got any really important outstanding issues, then you may refer, as given, to the planetary Ruler of the Sign on the cusp of this House which will provide you with alternative clues to what could be building up to such a critical mass.


Evil Be To Him (or Her) Who Evil Thinks

Pluto in the 12th House

Pluto in your Twelfth House

There is some event from a previous existence that weighs heavily upon you because it is unresolved or uncompleted.

The trouble can be that this 'something' builds to ominous proportions and frightening aspect simply because it has been left 'hanging'.

It is quite likely that it was some critical, dark and difficult, even fatal event

Yet it is your fear of this and what it poses that is likely to make it into something far worse than it actually was.

The most likely candidate here is simply death; that your last life - or perhaps a life of long ago - ended on a bad note and so has left an impression upon you that whatever it was has a very negative and fearsome connotation, that it is even evil.

Yes, it may have been to do with some dark deed or event, but it is still being made worse by leaving it 'in the closet'. Something left in the dark gets darker.

It is only one's ego that finds all this so offensive and unflattering that it keeps it locked away. But it won't go away.

It is a statistical likelihood where reincarnation is concerned that there will have been some 'dark goings on' occurring somewhere in your soul's past, especially if you are of pronounced Plutonian Lineage, as described in Chapter 5/Your Far-Distant Lives/Karma of the Underworld and the Ancient Earth.

As soon as you steal yourself to accept this then the dimly perceived wicked or evil nature of your previous life or lives that haunts you, will begin to haunt you no longer.

By doing so you then release into your life a positive transformative process.

As the poet Holderlin said "Where there is darkness the saving powers also arise".

In other words, by daring to look into one's shadows and resisting your ego's need to be 'good', you then invoke help and light from previously unseen or unimagined sources. Some could be quite mystical or divine, such as angels, literally or in human form.

Or you find yourself magically gaining closure on something in life that has long been hanging over you. Or what you feared was not the case, that you were just an 'innocent bystander'.

Whatever it is needs simply to be brought to light - now.

This means shining the Light of Consciousness upon the feeling you feel, or the image you have of 'it'. Inquire within!

The mean alternative is that the fear of perceived evil builds up to being quite destructive - mainly to yourself - a darkly self-fulfilling prophecy, in fact. "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (Evil be to him who evil thinks).

Possible Past Lives:

  • A horrific death, or even a scene of mass fatality, like in a plague or death camp.
  • Being involved with something or someone darkly negative.
  • A life ended by one's own hand.
  • A black magician or some such evil-doer - or more likely an encounter with one.
  • The loss of someone close in dire circumstances.
  • A place of darkness and finality, like being buried alive, literally or metaphorically.
  • A spy.
  • Someone working, and possibly dying, in a dark and dangerous place, like a mine.
  • Buried alive.
  • Some life and death drama that took place there.
  • Dying with a dark secret.
  • A powerful individual for the good, like a healer or shaman, but who suffered at the hands of evil forces.
  • A life where some powerfully negative emotion was allowed to persist and do damage, like jealousy, revenge or hatred, and was never eliminated or forgiven, posing the need of forgiveness now.
  • An event that gave rise to these negative emotions, such as being murdered, abandoned, blackmailed or betrayed.
  • Equally one may (also) have been the murderer, abandoner, blackmailer or betrayer - such is the victim/victimizer pattern of lifetime after lifetime.
  • A secret life or a life of dark secrets.

Intense Karma

12th House Ruler is Pluto

Your Twelfth House is Ruled by Pluto

The nature of any pressing karmic issues are brought into your life through intimate involvements or any kind of crisis.

There is a Plutonian 'flavor' to past existences, such as described in Chapter 5/Your Far-Distant Lives/Karma of the Underworld and the Ancient Earth - and also in any mention of the Sign Pluto rules: Scorpio.

The weight and content of this influence will tell you more about what is intimidating you in this present life - or is empowering you, and hopefully others too.

Buried Karma or Ancestral Issues

Your Fourth House

This part of one's chart indicates one's roots and ancestors, the wellspring of one's being.

When absolutely as it should be this provides a constant and pure source of security, nurture and life-blood. It is our tap into the gene pool, our heredity, our DNA. As such, some previous lives can be very similar or even identical to the lives of one's ancestors.

And seeing that ancestral or congenital qualities have always been there, one's awareness of them can be so subjective as to be 'buried' in the sense of being quite unconscious - that is, until something reminds you of one, like a forgotten dream.

In fact, one's dream-life is often drawn from this wellspring of memories, as too are your creative ideas and any strange notions that just sort of bubble to the surface.

All or some of one's Buried Karma or Ancestral Issues can be quite noticeable in the nature of your home, in terms of physical style or atmosphere.

Any Planets in your Fourth House, or on your Fourth House Cusp, will help describe your 'Buried Karma or Ancestral Issues', and if you have no Planets here then you may refer, as given, to the planetary Ruler of the Sign on the cusp of this House which will furnish you with alternative clues.

Sensitive Roots

4th House Ruler is Neptune

Your Fourth House is Ruled by Neptune

Ancestral and karmic issues are evidenced and brought to the surface through the influence Neptune, as given in Chapter 5/Your Far-Distant Lives/ Oceanic Bliss and Golden Age Karma Alien - and in any mention of the Sign it rules: Pisces.

Hidden Karma or Secret Issues

Your Eighth House

The Eighth House is that area of Earthly experience that relates to death and crisis or any other intense experience, most typically sexual intimacy.

So this is the House of Transformation and of subjects that are often taboo and therefore hidden from plain view, like an underground river - the River Styx in mythology.

As a consequence of this they are also deeply-seated and not easily accessed or talked about.

With respect to your past lives the Eighth House therefore relates to how you actually died previously, how that affected you as a soul, and to any intensely personal events that you may have hidden away from yourself.

The Eighth is also the House of the Dead, of the Other Side, so depending on any Planets placed here there can be some kind of channel between you and these domains, or those who reside in them.

It could also be said that such contact with discarnate entities was made by you between lifetimes on the astral and other planes of existence. These entities may be benevolent or otherwise.

Furthermore, it is the very nature of the Eighth that serves to bring about some kind of recall or re-experiencing of what is hidden by there being some crisis or deeply emotional experience in the present.

Any Planets in your Eighth House will help describe your 'Hidden Karma or Secret Issues', and if you have no Planets here then you may refer, as given, to the planetary Ruler of the Sign on the cusp of this House which will furnish you with alternative clues.


The Inner Dwelling Being

Moon in the 8th House

Moon in your Eighth House

Your soul is still, in many ways, dwelling where it was dwelling before. If you were a stream it could be said that you are close to the river - or the source. The present life, the past life, and the area that lies between the two, the astral plane, are all of a oneness to you.

But this powerful emotional situation can affect you in extreme ways.
At one extreme you could find such intimate connection with what went on before - or out of normal sight - intimidating, causing you to conceal your profound feelings from most others, and possibly to deny or escape them.

At the other extreme you are reasonably at home with such intimacy, giving rise to a shamanic or mediumistic disposition - or at least a strongly empathetic nature.

A great deal depends on the nature of your Last Life Karma as a whole, as described in Chapter 2. But even more fundamentally all this brings up the question of what or who is this 'Inner Dwelling Being' that is your soul's essence.

What stuff is it made of? What condition is it in now after many lifetimes, possibly in many worlds. Where did it originally come from?

It has to be said that because previously you have walked in this realm between worlds you come from a long line of lives where your soul has been that go-between, that intermediary between the living and dead.

You are an exceptional soul, and you should therefore be aware of its eternal nature.

Possible Past Lives:

  • In some way involved with astral or occult activities and cultures, like those of Ancient Egypt, Central America, Tibet, etc.
  • Distinct and strong experiences of existence between lives, that intermediate state called 'bardo'.
  • Intense and memorable experience of death - either your own or that of others - perhaps because it was particularly painful, drawn out, or part of some ritual - or punishment, possibly for so-called witchcraft.
  • Shaman.
  • Dealing with the dead in some way: mortician, embalmer, executioner, priest/priestess of a death cult.
  • Then again a life experience of death and sex that was heavily overshadowed and distorted by taboos and cultural fears, like for example in the Victorian era.


Power in High Places

Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter in your Eighth House

In other lifetimes you have been somehow involved with the inner sanctum where political or religious power has been wielded. This suggests a secret ruling body, or a core group of individuals who ran the show - be it on a small intimate scale, or a national one - or even greater.

Quite what position you held here is open to question not least of all because the sheer nature of this connection to 'Power in High Places' can inflate the ego to a possibly dangerous degree.

We are talking secrets here - be they national, occult or strictly personal - combined with an inclination to elevate oneself, hence the risk of getting out of one's depth.

In this life there is still something about you that unerringly draws you to those who have secrets or power of some kind - financial, sexual, spiritual, psychological, magical - eventually and possibly making you one of them.

But the karma here is one of either managing such secrets and powers very successfully, which means prudently; or on the other hand of indulging in them and getting in above your head, or abusing such confidentiality or power at someone else's expense.

Aspects to your Jupiter, as given in Chapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives/ Your Karmic Opportunities, could reveal the plusses and minuses here, as will the Sign position of your Jupiter.

In this life the former could result in your being someone who truly wields one or more of the kinds of power mentioned here - being a tycoon or great healer, for instance. Whereas the latter could lead to your colliding with someone who has a score to settle with you from way back when.

For example, getting deeply and enthusiastically involved with a person only to find they eventually sue you for all you've got. You stand to be wise and generous with your power, or foolish and over-the-top as you again fail to get the connection between power and secrecy.

Positively though, such 'Power in High Places' can still serve as a ticket into influential circles, or out of dangerous situations.

Possible Past Lives:

  • Priest or priestess of a powerful and occult civilization, such as Ancient Egypt or India.
  • Someone who was privy to the secrets in the higher circles of power.
  • Holder of high office, or closely involved with someone who was.
  • Member of some 'inner council' who ran worldly matters in secret.
  • A person who revered some higher occult code, or who broke it.
  • A holder of a powerful and important secret, or number of secrets.
  • A spiller of dangerous beans.
  • A very holy individual, or an associate of one.

Deep Mental Connections

8th House Ruler is Mercury

Your Eighth House is Ruled by Mercury

Hidden karmic or deep issues are brought to the surface through intellectual activities such as reading, writing, speaking and study, and also through people who you have worked with in previous lives, which may well include siblings if you have any.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mercury in this report - or of the Signs it rules: Gemini and Virgo.

Chapter Five - Your Far-Distant Lives

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - Lineages of Ancient Origin

These, the three Outer Planets, link you back to memories and imprints from Ancient and Mythic epochs, times and places that are vague and the stuff of legend, or completely unknown to conventional knowledge.

As a computer analogy, these could be likened to the BIOS and registry, which are parts of the hard drive or memory that are not that readily accessible to the average user, but where information and settings underlie and direct the rest of the computer, the part the user uses; or as what is out there in cyberspace and not in your personal memory at all.

Dim and distant though such epochs are, memories originating from experiences during them do reverberate through the ages to more recent Earth lives, including of course your present one, registering as very powerful and persistent drives and emotions, mindsets and notions - and the events that are created by them.

Some of these Outer Planet effects may have already been described above when they have made Aspects to your Lunar Nodes, Moon, Jupiter or Saturn; in such cases you will be referred back to these effects.

With each Outer Planet Lineage you are given the most significant connections and influences that they carry in this current life. One or more of these Lineages will probably be heavily emphasized - evidenced by the weight and number of influences described - whereas others will be minimal or even non-existent.

As a simple measure, the more lines written on any Lineage (including those written in other chapters) then the stronger that Lineage may be seen to be - but there can be exceptions to this rule, pointed out as and when.

Uranian Lineage

Alien, Sky People & Prehistoric Karma

Here are revealed any memories, influences or evidence of lives spent in places and times that were very advanced and rarefied mentally, sometimes as the result of extra-terrestrial visitations or because they actually took place on other planets.

In any event, these lives would have been in or originated from far-flung civilizations, such as Atlantis or some other fabled realm, where advanced and forgotten technologies existed - or have yet to exist, as Uranian Lineage can also come back from the future!

Additionally, 'magic' was literally in the air as a normal part of life, rather than being regarded as an oddity or exception to be ridiculed or wondered at.

Again, this possibly originates from extra-terrestrial input. Similarly, space and air travel were not only the main means of getting about, for even being able to think oneself somewhere else was possible.

In this current life time, and others previous to it, all this would have given rise to intuitive, innovative and inventive insights - even strokes of genius - emerging, or at least trying to emerge.

In some lifetimes this would have given rise to anarchic, heretical and revolutionary behavior - with outcomes varying from being deified to being crucified. A fast evolving and so acutely unique character would be in evidence, one for whom freedom and truth were and are absolutely essential.

Excitement seeking and courting danger are also common Uranian traits. Difficulties with Earth-life for 'Uranian Progeny', as they are called, would include feeling out of place, an outcast, being a misfit or so-called autistic (a label made for people who were born without a label), suffering from spasms and tics or not being able to withhold the truth (e.g. Tourette's Disease), expecting things to happen faster than possible, as if 'by magic', and so being out of step, ahead or behind, with the rest of the world.

They may also be accident prone as a result of this maladjustment.

'Off the wall', 'left field', 'outside the box' and 'marching to a different drummer' are all phrases that could often be laid at the door of people with a strongly emphasized Uranian Lineage, as here described, or not, as your case may be.

Uranian types are usually quite detached, and seemingly unemotional in the classic way that 'aliens' are described in science fiction.

It could be seen that they come here to Earth to 'learn' about human emotionality, for whatever reason - or alternatively (or additionally) to show Earthlings how to be free of heavy and binding emotions.

Sexual preferences can often be of the unconventional kind - that is, not straight heterosexual - as sex is experienced by Uranians for what it basically is: a charge that is looking to be discharged, like lightning to earth. The ultimate Uranian drive, to be free, could be said in the final analysis to apply to being free from the karma of life on Earth itself.

The Effects of your Uranian Lineage on your Karma

Your Uranus Aspects

These show you the weight and precise qualities of your Uranian Lineage born of your Far-Distant Lives /Alien, Sky People and Prehistoric Karma.

Emotional Shock

'Close One'

Uranus Opposes Moon

Uranus conflicting with Moon

Something about your Uranian Lineage had a deleterious effect on your previous life time as described above under the same title in Chapter 2/Your Last Life.

Information Wealth or Overload and/or The Truth Sayer

Uranus Conjuncts Mercury

Uranus uniting with Mercury

Karmic Springboard :

The manner in which the combining of these two Planets' energies has progressed and been expressed through your previous lives, and so far in this one, has now got to a new and powerful point of departure.

The karma of this union is dual in the sense that there are challenging and constructive Aspects to it - as the title and text testify - which are present because of both the negative and the positive being experienced during different periods.

Effectively these two Aspects should be seen to respectively serve and stimulate one another, one 'demand' the other 'supply', rather than the one being regarded as 'wrong' and the other as 'right'.

It is now up to you as to how it proceeds from here:

Information Wealth or Overload -

You have a very strong Uranian Lineage in that you certainly do not think in a 'normal' way. Along the trajectory of lifetimes originating from your Uranian sojourn there has been an ongoing battle between how you have been conditioned to think and that original and intuitive mind that is logged on to some kind of super-computer, the universal mainframe, the ultimate source of truthful information.

As a consequence your brain can feel like it is plugged into the mains and you can't turn it off, and so there is a danger of mental burn-out, or problems like insomnia, talking too fast, mental tics or stammering, verbal outbursts (Tourette's) as your conditioned and limited intellect and nervous system wrestle with incoming random and revolutionary data.

Communication problems such as these possibly originate from lifetimes where telepathy was the norm, and so shocking truth-speaking and/or garbled speech can be a 'problem'. Freedom of speech is a big issue deriving from times when thought and speech were one and the same.

If you can free or discipline your intellect enough then you become the inventive mind that is way out in front, showing the way upwards and onwards like a rocket - but there would even then be the chance of burn-out or just being the victim of crazy ideas.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mercury in this report for such will give further information concerning 'Information Wealth or Overload'.

Possible Past Lives :

  • The ill-starred inventor or engineer.
  • Someone who was ridiculed, condemned or punished for speaking out against, or even just thinking outside, the 'box' of consensus reality.
  • The 'revolting peasant'.
  • Being in a position where you fell asleep on the job, resulting in dire consequences, giving rise in your present life to complaints like attention deficit disorder, insomnia or nervous problems.

The Truth Sayer -

You have a Uranian Lineage that has blessed you with the ability to intuitively grasp the truth of the matter, especially through the written or spoken word.

With Mercury, the lower mind, harmonizing with Uranus, the universal mind, you have managed through the ages to preserve a mental link with the clear thinking and truth-perceiving of your Uranian origins.

So you have the cerebral pedigree of the seer or prophet, or of the computer-like mind of the super-technician or scientist - depending whether you lean to the right (brain) or the left (brain).

To preserve or further this lineage of mental brilliance, you only have to keep seeking, speaking and maintaining the truth as you see it.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mercury in this report for such will give further information concerning 'The Truth Sayer'.

Yours is most definitely a case of "The truth shall make you free", especially if there are other karmic influences that are distorting reality.

Possible Past Lives :

  • Any lifetime where a perception and communication of the truth was to the fore, was not swayed by anything other than the truth.
  • The reliable witness or judge.
  • A gifted communicator or inventor.
  • Someone who saw through webs of intrigue, propaganda or religious dogma.

(This does not mean to say that the truth was not betrayed or neglected in some lifetimes - as revealed by any other Uranian Aspects - but this core sense of truth has persisted in spite of any such lapses.)

Faith, Shock & God's Truth

'Close One'

Uranus Opposes Jupiter

Uranus conflicting with Jupiter

Something about your Uranian Lineage had a deleterious effect on your recent and/or distant life times as described above under the same title in Chapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives/Your Karmic Opportunities.

Which Side Are You On? and/or The Pragmatic Activist

Uranus Conjuncts Saturn

Uranus uniting with Saturn

Karmic Springboard :

This highly influential dimension of your karmic makeup has already been described under the same title in Chapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives/Your Karmic Score.

Extraordinary Origins

Uranus Semisquare North Node

Uranus conflicting with Lunar Nodes

This highly significant Aspect is described under the same title in Chapter 1/Your Karmic Trend - What's OUT and what's IN.

Oceanic Bliss and Golden Age Karma

Neptunian Lineage

Here are revealed any memories, influences or evidence of lives spent in places and times that were quite simply 'heavenly'.

So your Neptunian Lineage shows ways in which you have experienced existence where everything and everyone were interconnected, where peace and love reigned supreme for there was no separateness, boundary or division between anyone or anything - like the ocean.

This is the realm of the blessed, of elves and fairy folk, the mystical and sublime.

It is Neptunian Lineage that is behind hippie cultures and peace movements, as well as holistic healing modalities and all forms of art that inspire oneness and the sublime, especially music and film.

And all this would include dissolving the boundaries between one life and another, giving rise to memories of previous incarnations through such Neptunian activities as hypnosis, dreaming and creative imagination.

These senses and sensations of universality can also be experienced as the result of spiritual devotion - especially with regard to doctrines that teach the importance of self-sacrifice and non-violence, pure Christianity being a prime example - and mystical practices such as astral travel, or more commonly through the taking of psychotropic drugs or so-called hallucinogens.

Alcohol too can blur the line of separation between one thing and another, most commonly experienced as a dissolving of inhibitions and so giving rise to a heightened sense of conviviality and fluidity of expression.

However, it is here, with the use of drugs or alcohol, that the 'hell' of the Neptunian realm may also be experienced. In other words, it is Neptunian Lineage that - through inducing us to escape from what is felt to be the limiting and heavy separateness of Earth life - can also take us into areas that are characterized by the illusions of bliss and oneness.

This means to say that there is no shortcut to these blissful realms because they are only truly reached through creative or spiritual discipline, and/or a very real maturing of one's spirit and soul.

As one sage put it "You cannot ripen an apple with a blowtorch" (Dr Douglas Baker).

Then again, such 'shortcuts' do serve to remind us that such blissful oneness does exist; then begins the long road 'back to the Garden', to revisit and re-experience that ecstasy and union that you once felt and knew in those far distant Neptunian realms.

Nevertheless, one way or the other your Neptunian Lineage will show the ways in which you try to do this, along with the distractions, illusions and false highs that are an almost unavoidable part of it all.

For as another sage said "Tickets to Heaven are available but you have to go to Hell to get them" (Aeolus Kephas).

Sexual preferences can often be bi-sexual or asexual; in the first case because of the Neptunian inclination to not recognize differences, and in the second because the spiritual dimension is emphasized to the point of the physical having no appeal or being felt to be gross even.

This also points to why creative, talented people are often quite 'loose' sexually. Living amongst classic ancient cultures such as the Mayans and Ancient Egyptians - or even fabled places such Shambhalah or Lost Eden - would be good examples of Neptunian Lineage.

The Effects of your Neptunian Lineage on your Karma

Neptune Aspects

These show you the more precise qualities and conditions of your Neptunian Lineage born of your Far-Distant Lives/Oceanic Bliss and Golden Age Karma.

Mental Distortions and/or Psychic Perception

'Close One'

Neptune Conjuncts Mercury

Neptune uniting with Mercury

You have maintained a healthy link with your Neptunian origins of a mystical and universal reality - notwithstanding any Aspects you might have that have distorted or confused such a link.

This means that through lifetimes you have not allowed the more materialistic and logical side of thinking - which has prevailed since the 17th century in the Western World - to get in the way of your ability to psychically perceive what is going on around you.

All this would have evidenced by lifetimes spent in mentally refined company and following pursuits that elevated and inspired your own and others' minds.

Take note of any other mention of the influence of Mercury in this report for such will give further information concerning your 'Psychic Perception'.

Possible Past Lives :

  • Poet or writer, especially romantic fiction.
  • Photographer or film-maker. Diviner e.g. tarot card reader, medium, clairvoyant, spiritualist, etc.
  • Someone in touch with nature spirits or other planes of existence.

Psycho-Energetic Adventures

'Close One'

Neptune Semisquare Mars

Neptune conflicting with Mars

Through lifetime after lifetime you have been trying, consciously or unconsciously, to physically reach the sublime or to merely escape from earthly reality. There is an enormous range of possible expressions of this endeavor.

Some healthy ones would involve: being a champion swimmer, avid surfer or paraglider, gifted musician or fantastic dancer; spiritual disciplines such yoga, meditation or fasting; sexual activity that is enhanced by some art such as tantra to the harmlessly orgiastic or kinky; astral projection or channeling psychic energy through the body for healing purposes, like hands-on or visualization.

Examples of some negative routes would be: using drugs or alcohol just to get high or out of it; sexual experimentation to the point of degradation or physical danger; pushing the body to get highs that ultimately result in a weakening of the body.

The list goes on, but behind whatever the expression of psychic energy might be, there was, and still is, the basic urge to blend or satisfy what could be seen as two very different entities: the psyche and the body.

Because this ultimately necessitates the refinement of the body in order to accommodate the higher spiritual energies, the way of the spirit can be quite ill-disposed towards trying to satisfy grosser physical urges, giving rise to impotence/frigidity or seeking artificial or dubious means of sexual arousal.

All this may be down to the possibility that your body in some way suffered greatly in a previous life as a consequence of attempting to reach the sublime through the physical; rather like a mobile phone (body) being plugged straight into the mains (spirit) without a transformer to reduce the current, and so 'frying' the phone.

Again, it may be doing so still. This is because your body is acutely sensitive - probably as result of a number of lives where you were made to feel that being in one (a body that is) was a precarious and vulnerable situation, possibly as a result of abusing it or having it abused earlier.

Again the list of possible manifestations of this is endless, but the lifetime after lifetime endeavor is still the same: for the physical body to be a proper, even remarkable, expression of the spirit that inhabits it.

Possible Past Lives :

  • The 'sensitive warrior' or conscientious objector.
  • Someone who used physical force to protect the weak.
  • The dancer, musician or actor.
  • he illusionist or escape-artist.
  • The yogi or yogini.
  • The addict.
  • The seafarer or buccaneer;
  • A naked warrior of ancient times;
  • An active member of the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans or Aztecs or any other civilization whose culture strongly combined mysticism and sexuality.
  • Someone who drowned, possibly trying to save another or others, or while just enjoying themselves.
  • A victim or channeler of some superior force, like water.
  • The psychic or energy healer.
  • Someone who lost the plot, or bottled out.
  • Victim of torture or human sacrifice.

High Hopes

Neptune Opposes Jupiter

Neptune conflicting with Jupiter

This enthralling influence is described under the same title in Chapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives/Your Karmic Opportunities.

A Battle between Spirit and Matter and/or Practical Visionary

'Close One'

Neptune Conjuncts Saturn

Neptune uniting with Saturn

This powerful and influential Aspect to your karmic makeup has already been described under the same title in Chapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives/Your Karmic Score.

Significant House Position

Neptune in the First House or one of the By Water Houses

As Neptune is placed in one of these Houses, or on one of their Cusps, or Rules one of them, it is given special mention, as so described.

Sensitive Roots

4th House Ruler is Neptune

Your Fourth House is Ruled by Neptune

The significance of this is described under the same title in Chapter 4/Your Deep Memory Sources/Buried Karma or Ancestral Issues.

Karma of the Underworld and the Ancient Earth

Plutonian Lineage

Here are revealed any memories, influences or evidence of lives spent in places and times that took place while the Earth was young in human terms. This would include any aboriginal race or tribes that were present on Earth before the white man colonized the planet.

Essentially what characterizes these cultures is that they were shamanic, from Australian Aboriginals to South American natives, from the Inuit to the people of the Steppes, from darkest Africa to the South Seas.

If you have a notable Plutonian Lineage you very possibly have had lives that were quite extreme: life, death, survival, darkness, profundity, abuse, aloneness - and so there is a depth to you that can be anything from positively transformative to downright intimidating, to yourself or others.

People of pronounced Plutonian Lineage have necessarily had lives where annihilation or self-destruction has been in evidence. Suicides, concentration camp victims and survivors, or conversely being involved with totalitarian movements or regimes that forced such events or situations on others.

Victims of mass disasters like plagues and famines would join the list of possible past lifetimes, but with the added qualification of having died very consciously of such horrors - or of having survived them.

Another common sign of Plutonian Lineage in the present life is any kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, be it mild or acute, this being the result of still needing to stick to certain occult rituals that were practiced long ago, with dire consequences if not followed to the letter.

The 'Underworld' element to this Lineage refers to the marked sense that such types have of what has 'gone down' through the ages, 'what's been did and what's been hid'.

And with respect to shamanism it refers to the Lower World to which one journeys in order to discover the root causes of anything, retrieve souls, or whatever.

Shaman or not, those with strong Plutonian Lineage have lifetimes that, one way or the other, drove them deeper into the underlying truth of whatever was their object of concern. A miner, occultist, detective, spy or archaeologist would fit this bill.

In fact, it is anything that has a deep and profoundly meaningful, and so possibly tragic, element to it that brings a sense of solace and security to those of this Lineage.

The Effects of your Plutonian Lineage on your Karma

Your Pluto Aspects

These show you the weight and precise qualities of your Plutonian Lineage born of your Far-Distant Lives/Karma of the Underworld and the Ancient Earth.

Emotional Purging for Emotional Empowerment

'Close One'

Pluto Sesquiquadrate Moon

Pluto conflicting with Moon

This profoundly powerful Aspect has been described under the same title in Chapter 2/Your Last Life.

Constructive Transformations

Pluto Sextiles Saturn

Pluto harmonizing with Saturn

This has been described above under the same title inChapter 3/Your Recent and Distant Lives/Your Karmic Score.

Dead-End Diversions

'Close One'

Pluto Squares North Node

Pluto conflicting with Lunar Nodes

This powerful emotional Aspect has been described under the same title .in Chapter1/Your Karmic Trend.

Significant House Position

Pluto in the First House or one of the By Water Houses

As Pluto is placed in one of these Houses, or on one of their Cusps, or Rules one of them, it is given special mention, as so described.


Evil Be To Him (or Her) Who Evil Thinks

Pluto in the 12th House

Pluto in your Twelfth House

This has already been described under the same title in Chapter 4/Your Deep Memory Sources/Pressing Karma or Unresolved Issues.

Plutonian Presence

1st House Ruler is Pluto

Your First House is Ruled by Pluto

The influence of Pluto as described in this chapter is something that shapes your character and tends to pervade all your dealings with the external world.

Intense Karma

12th House Ruler is Pluto

Your Twelfth House is Ruled by Pluto

The significance of this is described under the same title in Chapter 4/Your Deep Memory Sources/Pressing Karma or Unresolved Issues.

Chapter Six - Bound for Glory

Your Part of Fortune

Through all our lifetimes there is something like a beacon or star that leads us forever on, reminding us that it is all eventually worth the while, encouraging us to keep going.

The Part of Fortune - which is a combination of the energies of your Sun (Spirit), Moon (Soul) and Ascendant (Personality) - is the point in your chart which represents that pot of gold at the end of your individual rainbow.

This beacon shifts from lifetime to lifetime, much as one would have a different bearing for home at different points on the globe, as you make your way stage by stage to your ultimate destination.

For the Time Traveler that you are, here is given your current bearing, based upon the Sign and House position of your Part of Fortune, and written in the form of an alternating rhyme.

Earthy Senses Create Health

Part of Fortune in Taurus in your Sixth House

Through this time enjoying the physical senses
The delight of being a body in the world
I remind myself of the beauty that life is
As organically the meaning of being unfolds.
In this way I find that what truly brings health
Is the interaction between body and soul
That life itself is the only wealth
And wellbeing is what serves the whole.

Taylor's Planetary Positions

December, 13th 1989 Local Time 5:17 AM Universal Time 10:17 AM

Reading, PA 40°20'N, 75°56'W


North Node











House Cusp Positions











Element Emphasis - Total Points









Modality Emphasis - Total Points







Planetary Weight Point System

Sun & Moon

Mercury, Venus & Mars

Jupiter & Saturn

4 points each
3 points each
2 points each

Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

Ascendant (Rising Sign)


1 points each
4 points
2 points

  • Geocentric
  • Tropical
  • Placidus
  • True Node

Planet Aspects & Orbs Grid


Harmonious Aspects


Challenging Aspects


Planet Aspect List

Sun Sextiles North Node
Moon Opposes Mercury
Moon Quincunx Venus
Moon Conjuncts Jupiter
Moon Opposes Uranus
Moon Sesquiquadrate Pluto
Moon Sesquiquadrate North Node
Mercury Opposes Moon
Mercury Opposes Jupiter
Mercury Conjuncts Saturn
Mercury Conjuncts Uranus
Mercury Conjuncts Neptune
Mercury Semisquare Ascendant
Mercury Trines MidHeaven
Mercury Opposes Chiron
Venus Quincunx Moon
Venus Sextiles Mars
Mars Sextiles Venus
Mars Semisquare Saturn
Mars Semisquare Neptune
Mars Conjuncts Ascendant
Jupiter Conjuncts Moon
Jupiter Opposes Mercury
Jupiter Opposes Saturn
Jupiter Opposes Uranus
Jupiter Opposes Neptune
Jupiter Sextiles MidHeaven
Jupiter Conjuncts Chiron
Saturn Conjuncts Mercury
Saturn Semisquare Mars
Saturn Opposes Jupiter
Saturn Conjuncts Uranus
Saturn Conjuncts Neptune
Saturn Sextiles Pluto
Saturn Trines MidHeaven
Saturn Opposes Chiron
Uranus Opposes Moon
Uranus Conjuncts Mercury
Uranus Opposes Jupiter
Uranus Conjuncts Saturn
Uranus Conjuncts Neptune
Uranus Trines MidHeaven
Uranus Semisquare North Node
Neptune Conjuncts Mercury
Neptune Semisquare Mars
Neptune Opposes Jupiter
Neptune Conjuncts Saturn
Neptune Conjuncts Uranus
Neptune Sextiles Pluto
Neptune Semisquare Ascendant
Neptune Trines MidHeaven
Neptune Opposes Chiron
Pluto Sesquiquadrate Moon
Pluto Sextiles Saturn
Pluto Sextiles Neptune
Pluto Squares North Node
Pluto Trines Chiron
Ascendant Semisquare Mercury
Ascendant Conjuncts Mars
Ascendant Semisquare Neptune
MidHeaven Trines Mercury
MidHeaven Sextiles Jupiter
MidHeaven Trines Saturn
MidHeaven Trines Uranus
MidHeaven Trines Neptune
North Node Sextiles Sun
North Node Sesquiquadrate Moon
North Node Semisquare Uranus
North Node Squares Pluto
North Node Quincunx Chiron
Chiron Opposes Mercury
Chiron Conjuncts Jupiter
Chiron Opposes Saturn
Chiron Opposes Neptune
Chiron Trines Pluto
Chiron Quincunx North Node